Do Watch “The Gospel of Mark for Little Children”


What the fuck?! What am I even supposed to say to this?

The Gospel of Mark for Little Children is a something. It stars puppets and claymation. I have seen other things that are similar to it but I haven’t seen anything quite like it in a long time, and I certainly haven’t seen anything that’s this long.

I watched most of this movie with my mouth open.

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Don’t Watch “This is the End”

Alright guys, guess what? I’m going to spoil the next review for you too. Don’t watch Man of Steel either because its mediocre. Why am I not posting it right away? Because it’ll be the first video review from Should I Watch This? Excited right? Look how positive I am when compared to the asstastic time I’ve had watching these movies.

Oh god, the last movie I told people to watch was Star Trek. Fuck. Why is everything ass? Why?

Hey, don’t watch World War Z either. I know it’ll be shit. Why even bother? There’s my review. Don’t watch anything. Go watch better movies than the shit we’ve been getting recently.

Fuck. I guess I should talk about This is the End or something. What a terrible week for film. I mean I guess it wasn’t terrible. Parts of it were funny.

Who even cares about these kind of shitty comedies anymore? I mean, its basically a better done Disaster Movie and all of those other shitty reference movies, but it only references Seth Rogen material. Great. Totally what I wanted. A movie consisting of nothing but Seth Rogen references. Hey, I wonder what he’s up to? Probably something prestigious. I mean, I guess he’s decently funny. He worked on Arrested Development so maybe he’ll get a slightly more serious role?

Oh. Oh wait. Oh no.

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Don’t Watch “The Purge”

The Purge is a terribly boring, predictable movie with a good premise that fails to delivery anything at all. This review was done incredibly late. I couldn’t think of anything to write, because talking about The Purge is really hard to do at any length since its only 85 minutes long. So I’ll break out the visual aids.

Ready? When you click the “read more” link you will see 2 pictures of cute monkeys followed by a turd. Got it. There’s your trailer.


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Don’t Watch “Hangover Part 3”

Well. Uh. Alright hold up.

This wasn’t that bad. It really wasn’t. I’ve seen way, way worse films recently, and I’ve seen way more offensive films recently. Because I’m relatively pressed for time this’ll be a nice quick review of the final part of the Hangover trilogy.

The Hangover Part III is a mildly entertaining comedy that wraps up a humor franchise. It has a few jokes that are legitimately funny and the film has clear effort put in to it. Its by no means as bad as people say but it is in no way amazing or even all that enjoyable. If it was even mildly funnier I would call it a “Do Watch” but as it stands its not really worth your time at the moment, and you can really take your time and wait for the DVD to arrive.

Okay let’s talk about the good and the bad here. Man check out that introduction. I wonder if this will be a telling metajoke about the film?

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Don’t Watch “After Earth”

Oooooh. Oh god. I just can’t catch a break can I?

Well, I suppose I have to first start with another apology about the lack of content making its way towards the site. I do apologize to my numerous fans that I totally have. This might continue for a bit while summer remains a blur. Now back to the movie.

This review is going to be a little biased because of how miserable the experience of seeing this was. I went with a friend; we arrived early to the premier, and sat in a theater for 30 minutes watching “Dish Network HD”  Want to see a picture? I took one. I know you’re not supposed to but holy shit, this thing just kept going.


Alright now you’ve got a visual. Now for a second just sort of give this a listen. Got it? Now expand that image. Fullscreen it if you can. Stare at it for the entire length of the youtube video. Yes, the entire time.

That’s how my experience with After Earth began. I almost wish it stayed that way. Its not great.

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